Monday, July 18, 2011

The beard is history!

I was gunning for the beard a year ago, and I've reached my goal. I was gradually losing weight, less than a pound a month, in order to get the husband to honor his commitment to shave his beard once I reached my wedding weight. I reached that number a few months back, took some time to make sure I would stay here, and I am thrilled to report that the husband has dusted off the razor and shaved it all off. He did it a little at a time, over the course of a few days, just as he did when the boy was born. The girl has never seen him like this, and the boy doesn't remember... so it's been fun.

You might ask, "Now what?"

I'm aiming for about 10 more pounds, which will be early high school weight! And the husband? He can't grow that beard back until he's halfway to HIS wedding weight. Love this!

Friday, July 15, 2011

The end of a magical era

The boy asked if we could go to the midnight showing of Harry Potter when it released in the US. That was this morning. I wanted to go for various reasons, including the fact that it was a cool thing to do for the last movie of such an amazing series. The girl would not be left out, so the last frontier was to convince the husband. He falls asleep at 9pm, so this took much convincing. He wanted to go on Sunday morning, our normal family movie time after an IHOP breakfast. We finally got him, after much drama.

The movie was great. But the husband fell asleep for most of it.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

All at once!

Day one after middle school graduation. It's confirmed: we have a full fledged teenager. He's testing the waters. He's out with six neighborhood friends, running around the neighborhood at 10pm, not listening, not calling home, and not feeling he has to.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Really feeling great this week. Spent time with friends celebrating a bat mitzvah. I'm feeling young and skinny(!!). Got a new dress for the occasion, and felt really great in it. Didn't even wear hose. (I know, I'm at LEAST a decade behind the trend. Nobody ever called me a fashionista.) I also felt amazing pride getting honored at the services. Really happy.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wrong numbers

If you swap two of the digits of my cell phone number, you'd reach a taxi dispatch service. Which means that if you swap two digits of the taxi dispatch number, you get me.

I constantly get calls from people, often drunk, often at 3am, looking for a cab. It's completely entertaining, and sometimes I even play along. Hopefully these people don't wait TOO long for their cab which will never show up.

I also get a huge amount of misaddressed email. OK, it wasn't very bright of me to choose a simple username for my email address, but that's what you get when you're an early adapter. Often I get repeat emails from the same people trying to reach their friends, clients and coworkers. I'm getting to know all about their lives from their best friends or their parents. I've gotten invited to bachelorette parties and cooking parties. Bike marathons and golf outings. I've gotten real estate contracts and business proposals. Makes me wonder if these people have been getting stuff from MY contacts.